Welcome to the home of Livestat, a new academic competition statistics package from Jason Weill. First used at Carnegie Mellon's E-Bowl A tournament on October 6, 2001, Livestat is a statistics package with an obvious bias towards HTML publication.

Latest News

Livestat is now being hosted on SourceForge, which is graciously providing us with free hosting of files, forums and more. Check it out!

Livestat 1.2 was released on June 14, 2002, less than a week after it was first used at the 2002 NAQT High School National Championship in Austin, Texas. Take a look at the Changelog for details about the improvements in this version. Existing tournament files may be safely used with Livestat 1.2. Please send comments to Jason Weill.

Success Stories

Schools are harnessing the power and flexibility of Livestat for flexible web publication.

What is Livestat?

Livestat is a suite of Perl scripts that collect, analyze, and output data from academic competition tournaments (aka quiz bowl, College Bowl, and so forth). Livestat supports power toss-ups, timed and untimed tournaments, and a theoretically unlimited number of teams per tournament.

Livestat requires that you have Perl installed on your system. Perl is included with Mac OS X and with many popular Linux distributions. Users of Windows and Mac OS Classic must download and install Perl prior to using Livestat.

Livestat is still a 1.x release. It has bugs that I haven't found yet.

What isn't Livestat?

Livestat will not analyze your web server logs. There are other programs which do that.

Livestat is not terribly user-friendly. Livestat is not for people who are not willing to use a suite of command-line utilities. Many graphical statistics packages are available. Please note that it is possible to use spreadsheet programs to deal with the data files as described in the README file.

Livestat isn't old, or reliable, or guaranteed to work.


Documentation is provided in the README file, which is available both on-line and in the archives below.


Livestat is available a gzipped tar file (.tar.gz) and a standard PKZip-compatible archive (.zip). Mac OS Classic and Windows users can uncompress this file using Stuffit Expander; Windows users can also use Winzip.

Support Information

Please send all questions about Livestat to

Livestat comes with NO WARRANTY, and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. You may distribute Livestat freely, provided that you also agree to license any modifications to the software by this same license.

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